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Recent Winners


Raising Our Voices, Recognizing ESOL Leadership in Business and the Community

Fenway Center, 77 St. Stephen St., Northeastern University

October 15, 2014


Awardee Profiles

1199SEIU Training & Upgrading Fund – Labor/Management Statewide Healthcare Workforce Partnership, with Courtyard Nursing Care Center (Medford)

  • Funding:  40 MA health care employers pay into the Training and Upgrading Fund, per negotiated union contracts.
  • Current courses in Lawrence, Springfield, Boston and Malden recruit from multiple diverse worksites, serving 60 ESOL students per year.
  • Courtyard Nursing Care Center in Medford was a 2013 recipient of a Silver National Quality Award from the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, and offers short- and long-term care.

Accutech Packaging (Foxboro) in partnership with Bristol Community College

  • Funding:  Workforce Training Fund Program with 100% employer match
  • ESOL class has served 15 students in past 2 years.
  • Michael Keneally, VP and CEO: "Our employees have a better understanding of how their tasks fit into our overall operations. They are getting better at asking for clarification when they don't totally understand something. This is improving teamwork and their ability to effectively participate in other process improvement training we will be doing under the grant."

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Children's Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston) in partnership with JVS

  • Funding:  100% employer-funded.
  • Three hospitals partner to offer employees 4 levels of English classes in Longwood Medical Area.
  • Each employer offers further coursework, including basic computer instruction, professional communication skills, career and academic counseling, and help transitioning into college courses or pipeline programs leading to higher-skilled better-paying roles at the hospitals.
  • Supervisor: “Developing good communication skills allows employees to provide a better experience for our patients; reduces potential errors; increases efficiency; and provides opportunities for career development and growth for our employees.”

Brooksby Village (Peabody) in partnership with North Shore Community College

  • Funding:  100% Employer-funded including 100% paid release time
  • ESOL classes as a benefit to employees since 2006.
  • Managers at this full-service senior living community provide information/materials to the teacher, and support employees in the class
  • Some residents, including former educators, volunteer to work with students outside of the structured classes.

Cambridge Health Alliance (Cambridge) in partnership with Cambridge Community Learning Center

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match
  • Employers are an alliance of Cambridge/Somerville hospitals and neighborhood health centers
  • 58 students since April 2010; 12 have started college after taking the ESOL classes.
  • Employees say classes help them do their jobs more effectively and with greater confidence.
  • Supervisors encourage other staff to participate, and have promoted some participants.

Churchill Linen Services (Brockton) in partnership with UNITE HERE! New England Joint Board and Massasoit Community College

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match
  • The employer is a commercial linen supplier and laundry, family owned for 80 years
  • President Ken DeDominici champions the “culture of learning;” a 20% increase in production, fewer accidents; and better communication of direct staff with floor supervisors and upper management.

East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (Boston) in partnership with YMCA International Learning Center

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match
  • The Education and Training Institute (ETI) of the Health Center has served over 200 employees since 2006 with ESOL, Medical Terminology, Spanish for Healthcare, and computer classes
  • Many employees have used EBNHC tuition reimbursement at higher education institutions
  • Jack Cradock, former CEO and current President, strongly supports a "grow your own" strategy to staff EBNHC with a diverse, culturally competent workforce.

Egleston Square and Hyde Jackson Square Main Streets (Boston) in partnership with YMCA International Learning Center

  • Funding:  Boston Main Streets Foundation
  • The 2013-2014 class served small business owners with common goals:  English language skills for customer service, better access of city services, increased awareness of business norms and rules, and a foundation in how to write a business plan.
  • Participants never missed a class, showed improved listening/speaking based on standardized testing and reported increased fluency and confidence with English speaking customers and vendors.

Greater Boston Hospitality Employers and UNITE HERE Local 26  (Boston) in partnership with BEST Corp. Hospitality Training Center

  • Funding:  Local 26 Boston’s Hotels trust fund
  • The Greater Boston Hospitality Employers and Local 26 have a long history of providing ESOL classes to their employees as part of the comprehensive benefit plan.
  • The ESOL curriculum is contextualized to the hospitality industry.
  • Classes are held in Chinatown, easily accessible to all Boston hotel workers, in the day and the evening to accommodate work schedules.

Kam Man Food (Quincy) in partnership with Quincy Asian Resources

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match
  • The employer is an Asian supermarket chain with stores located in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
  • The two-level program has just been expanded into three levels, with the enthusiastic support of the management.
  • Attendance, retention, and student buy-in in this program are exceptionally high.

Kayem Foods, Inc. (Chelsea)

  • Funding:  Used Workforce Training Fund Program to start the program in 2011 and have maintained it since using Company funds, including 100% release time, textbooks, and supplies
  • Ralph Smith, President of the Chelsea sausage manufacturer: “We need everyone’s input to make a delicious hotdog.”
  • Instructors got to know the workplace through tours of the facility and meetings with the supervisors, to discuss problem areas where communication would break down.
  • "If you couldn't take English classes before because you couldn't afford it, couldn't get there or couldn't take the time off of work, [Kayem Foods] just took away all of those obstacles. "

Legal Sea Foods (Boston) in partnership with JVS

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match
  • This program boasts participation from 5 restaurants, with full support from headquarters and individual management at each restaurant
  • The ESOL provider shadowed onsite to build a customized curriculum which successfully supports learners who range from literacy all the way to precollege
  • More than 5 program graduates have transitioned into the JVS Bridges to College Program. One studies at Bunker Hill and 3 are in Quincy College’s Biotechnology Program, all while the associates are still serving at Legal.


MultiGrains, Inc. (Lawrence) in partnership with Northern Essex Community College

  • Funding:  Workforce Training Fund Program with 100% employer match
  • A supervisor: “The class will promote employee engagement, increase efficiency and productivity standards, and retain and attract employees, as well as give us the advantage and ability to compete successfully in new markets.”
  • ESOL Classes at MultiGrains started in February of this year.
  • Feedback from the initial round of students has been excellent; Management has also noted the expansion of the employee’s English skills


Nypro, Inc. (Clinton) in partnership with Clinton Adult Learning Center

  • Funding:  The employer, a plastics manufacturer, makes a direct donation or purchases slots at the community-based ESOL provider.
  • The relationship between the Clinton Adult Learning Center and Nypro Inc. began close to 20 years ago.
  • Nypro and the Adult Learning Center have worked together to build curriculum that focuses on career readiness and workplace skills.

Royal Hospitality Services, Inc. (Somerville) in partnership with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1445 and Worker Education Program

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match plus 60% paid release time or stipends for hours before and after shifts
  • The employer, a commercial laundry, began the English program in January 2013 after 3 years of planning, surveying need, and seeking funds
  • Jay Benedict, Royal General Manager, actively promoted the ESOL program at Royal; directed managers and supervisors to release workers for class; renovated dedicated space so classes could meet simultaneously; provided on-site Internet access for class and Distance Learning; and was readily available to assist instructors.

South End Community Health Center (Boston) in partnership with United South End Settlements

  • Funding:  Learn at Work with 50% employer match
  • Classes started in September 2013
  • The goal was not only to increase the employees’ ability to use English more effectively in their positions, but also to increase their productivity, promotability, and retention.
  • The program began as a way to meet the needs of the healthcare center’s bilingual workforce, many of whom are native Spanish speakers, and aims to prepare employees for “next steps,” whether to pursue a postsecondary certificate, continue to a four-year college or advance into higher positions.


Stop and Compare Supermarkets (Chelsea/Lynn) in partnership with Mujeres Unidas Avanzando

  • Funding:  Workforce Training Fund Program with 100% employer match
  • The employer noted many employees were qualified to grow and perform duties over and above what they were doing, with a lack of English proficiency holding them back.
  • The program in September 2012 with 2 levels, with mostly cashiers and floor personnel taking advantage of the course.
  • Company president Alberto Calvo:  “Results have been remarkable:  Increased English-only customer traffic , fewer mistakes in supply orders, reduced product shrinkage, promotions, and improved employee morale.”

Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Kitchen (Everett) in partnership with JVS

  • Funding:  100% Employer-funded, including paid release time of 4 hours/week for 22 weeks
  • This 4 class pilot program served 50 employees from January through June of 2014.
  • The JVS team worked closely with Whole Foods leadership and educators to create a contextualized curriculum that both helps the employees to perform better in their current positions, and prepares them for future leadership positions and job opportunities in the Whole Foods Market stores.
  • The partnership is planning for an expanded program for this coming year.