Sign on to the English Works Campaign

agrees to support and participate in the English Works Campaign.
As a signatory to English Works, our organization agrees to be listed on English Works materials and will have a seat on the Campaign Committee.
We enter into this voluntary agreement with English Works in a spirit of partnership and collaboration, and with a vision of a Commonwealth that provides all residents with a pathway to economic self-sufficiency; ensures a stable, skilled workforce for Massachusetts businesses today and in the future; and integrates immigrants into the fabric of our economy, communities and shared civic life.

Labor Unions

How ESOL programming supports your union’s mission/vision and membership engagement:

  • Provides a way to engage immigrant membership. Especially if a union has a “new” wave of increased immigrant membership, it is a way to build interest and engagement in the union.
  • Helps bridge connections between different members - immigrant and non-immigrant.
  • Improves equity vis-à-vis access to potentially higher wages.
  • Provides access to career ladders (when ESOL is part of a continuum of services/tools given to support members).
  • Supports members' families (parents helping their children, engaging in the community, etc.)
  • Access to English language skills can be a way to help group action within union context.
  • Helps support leadership development for LEP immigrant members.
  • Presents opportunities to educate LEP members on union benefits.
  • Can be a consensus point for workers/managers.
  • Helps support a sense of ownership/pride from within the union (especially when ESOL programming/training fund was achieved as part of contract negotiations).
  • It’s an organizing tool (can be incentive to both employers and future members).
  • Increasingly, ESOL programming is an incentive to employers in negotiation process.
  • Can help facilitate grievance process for stewards.

How your membership can engage in advocacy for ESOL:

  • Students/members can  become spokespersons for increasing resources for ESOL (part of leadership development).
  • Integrate advocacy for ESOL as part of classroom discussions & advocacy within classroom through letter writing, postcards.
  • Have your students/members speak at all ESOL advocacy events.